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Da Vinci The Exhibition at The Becker County Museum

September 17, 2023 – January 7, 2024

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The Becker County Museum presents Da Vinci: The Exhibition from September 17, 2023- January 7, 2024. The experience follows the Renaissance master, Leonardo da Vinci, on a journey of innovation, creativity, science and wonder. Developed by Aurea Exhibitions and produced by Imagine Exhibitions, Inc., Da Vinci: The Exhibition is a hands-on examination of da Vinci’s life, research and art. Featuring more than 60 fully built, life-size inventions, more than 20 fine art studies and dozens of stunning displays, guests will learn the complex beginnings and lifetime achievements of da Vinci through his discoveries in art, engineering, flight, hydraulics, music, light and more.

Bringing the Da Vinci exhibit to Detroit Lakes is the result of a combination of hard work by Museum staff and some luck resulting from a prior showing in Bozeman being cancelled. This opened an opportunity for the Becker County Museum to fill that spot at a greatly discounted rate (still pricey and with a lot of sponsor support). Normally, you’d have to travel to cities like Chicago to see exhibits of such a scope as they are too expensive to arrange in towns the size of Detroit Lakes. We are also happy to point out that we have been able to accommodate the entire exhibit in our new facility that is shared by the Historic Holmes Theatre.

EXHIBIT HOURS: Tuesday-Sunday (Closed Monday) to the public from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. for a limited engagement through January 7, 2024. Tickets will be available to purchase online and at the Becker County Museum.

TICKETS: $25 for adults and $10 for children with annual members of the Becker County Museum receiving discounted admissions.

LOCATION: The Becker County Museum now shares the entrance and lobby area with the Historic Holmes Museum. You will easily know where to go once you enter the building with our new marquee.

Throughout the exhibition’s themed galleries, visitors will discover the breadth and scope of da Vinci’s incredibly advanced understanding of science, mathematics, nature, and the relationship between the three. The artist’s intricate designs and extraordinary early concepts are spotlighted, including his design for the helicopter, tank, SCUBA, crane, clock, submarine and his plan for a modern city. Additionally, various multimedia experiences and documentary presentations throughout the space will provide a multitude of supplementary information on da Vinci’s discoveries and creative process.

Each invention featured within Da Vinci The Exhibition was handcrafted utilizing a modern translation of da Vinci’s unique mirrored writing style in an ancient Florentine dialect. Trained artisans used these translations to construct full-scale models and bring the master’s two-dimensional plans to life.

Da Vinci: The Exhibition at The Becker County Museum - Detroit Lakes Minnesota - September 17, 2023 - January 7, 2024
Da Vinci: The Exhibition at The Becker County Museum - Detroit Lakes Minnesota - September 17, 2023 - January 7, 2024
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In addition to da Vinci’s role as an inventor, the exhibition investigates a collection of da Vinci’s most renowned paintings, including some controversial works traditionally attributed to him, but not yet authenticated. Guests will have the opportunity to thoroughly study the artistic mastery behind such works as “Mona Lisa,” “The Last Supper,” “Portrait of a Young Man,” “Virgin of the Rocks,” “St. John the Baptist” and more.

Throughout his lifelong devotion to the sciences and fascination with nature, da Vinci also extensively explored the world of anatomy. Da Vinci The Exhibition’s in-depth and enlightening explanations of his famous studies on subjects such as the golden ratio and “Vitruvian Man” are complemented by enlarged examples of the artist’s sketches and notes made during his controversial research on the human body.

CEO of Imagine Exhibitions, Tom Zaller shared, “Da Vinci was an absolutely incredible man-his art, inventions, and research paved the way for life as we know it today. It is Imagine Exhibitions’ pleasure to present this immersive and interactive exhibition at INSERT VENUE as a way for visitors to explore the immeasurable ways that one man has influenced our current understanding of anatomy, math, nature, art, and machines.”

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About Becker County Museum:

In 1882, the citizens of Becker County recognized the need for preservation of the history of their community. The result was the Pioneer Settlers Union. This group, comprised of many of our founding residents, actively worked to preserve the history of their community as it was happening. In 1924, this organization was renamed the Becker County Historical Society which started the Becker County Museum in 1943. All the while the mission stayed the same: “To preserve and communicate the history of Becker County and its people to all generations.”

The Becker County Museum is located in Detroit Lakes, MN and offers 10,500 square feet of exhibit space. Permanent exhibits include prehistoric (fossil) and Native American history, natural history, a pioneer cabin, logging display, lake cabin, turn of the century pharmacy, military displays, a textile display, buggy, sleigh, horse drawn hearse, and the “World’s Smallest Gas Station”. Rotating exhibits are housed in the Marly Rislund Exhibit Gallery.

Our research library offers access to vital records, family histories, township histories, county histories, and files on regional businesses and homes. We also have a collection of more than 14,000 photographs that are available for reproduction. Additionally, we offer research assistance at $6.50 per hour plus postage for those of you who live outside of the Becker County area.

Becker County Museum Website | Becker County Museum Facebook Page

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