Murder Mystery at
The Lodge Gallery

The Lodge On Lake Detroit – Affordable Lakefront Resort Hotel

Murder Mystery at The Lodge on Lake Detroit

The Lodge is the perfect place for a Murder

The Lodge on Lake Detroit has hosted Murder Mystery Events for many years as part of their varied entertainment offerings. Visit just for the murder, mayhem and laughs, or take advantage of our ‘Stay & Play’ packages and enjoy other activities taking place over the weekend. These may include live music (Live at The Lodge), Wine Tastings, various Getaways, or holiday packages. Every guest has their own character and their own set of clues.

Are you guilty? Are you dead? Who did it?

Our Murders are perfect for 8 to 60 persons. Our Murder Mysteries are professionally scripted. Friends, workmates, family will enjoy the secrets, clues, the passion and murder. Guaranteed lots of laughs! Bring a group and make it your own personal party for any event that you would surround yourself with family, friends, colleagues (and a few strangers of course). Looks like you could have a motive for murder there already!

Reflections Lakefront Breakfast Room - The Lodge on Lake Detroit
The Spa Within - Lodge on Lake Detroit

Funtastic Getaway“We stayed here on the night of the “Till Death Do Us Part” murder mystery dinner theater & WHAT A BLAST THAT WAS!!! First time ever trying something like this & even though I wasn’t quite sure what we were getting into, we loved it. Great way to mix & mingle with the other guests at the hotel & fun playing a character part in the murder. The food was good, champagne was fun & the dancing was enjoyable as well.

Mike Gilson’s music from 8:00-10:00pm was relaxing & delightful. Nice to be able to linger with friends while listening to his music & not have to shout while visiting like most musical events that always seem to be too loud for comfortable conversations. All was just perfect 👍 Beds are very comfy. Room was very clean. Loved the soft jazz music that was already playing on our tv station upon arrival & the breakfast was a nice hot meal.

This place ALWAYS seems to have such fun & unique events taking place. Anyone wanting to stay here could not be disappointed. Even for a relaxing getaway of just partaking in the spa is worth the time well spent. Try it…you know you wanna.”


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