Ice In Winter Season Detroit Lakes Sunset Gallery

“Ice In” Winter Season Detroit Lakes Sunset Gallery

Come for the Sunsets, Stay for the Experience!

The Lodge on Lake Detroit is located on the shore of Big Detroit Lake which provides breathtaking views of sunset. The lake view in general and the sunset views in particular are a favorite of our guests. This Sunset Gallery is for the months when the lake is covered in ice. The images are in chronological order from the beginning of the ‘ice-in’ season in November, to its end in mid-to-late April. Click on any image to go to the large/Lightbox view where each image includes a title that shows the date it was taken. These images are from 2010 through 2023. In spite of the different years, you will see the continuity of the views as the months progress. Pick your sunset and book your stay!

Big Detroit Lake is covered with ice for an average of five months per year. The months when Big Detroit Lake is completely covered with some minimal thickness of ice is typically referred to as the “ice in” season. This usually occurs from mid to late fall (average November 28) to early spring (average April 20), an approximate average of five months per year. This ice-covered lake (once thick enough for safety) provides for an array of popular wintertime activities such as snowmobiling, skating, and ice fishing for local residents and tourists. Elaborate winter ice-oriented events such as the Detroit Lakes Polar Fest, snowmobile touring and racing, fishing contests, and ice-sculpture bring many visitors to The Lodge on Lake Detroit each year.

Be sure to view our “open water” (no ice) months gallery, as well as “lake views” that will show you how you will enjoy the lake from inside and outside of The Lodge.

“Wonderful hotel! Has a `lodge’ theme, and you can tell that a lot of thought, money, planning, and effort went into the building of this hotel. Lots of natural wood throughout the building. Hotel is right on a lake, has a dock, and strongly promotes its `green’ theme, which is nice. Rooms are quiet and were very clean. High-end toiletries. Hotel is within walking distance of a beautiful nature walk/bike trail and gas station/convenience store, with eateries/other stores within one to two miles.”


“Amazing hotel!  They pride themselves on the eco-green atmosphere with biodegradable products and opportunities to re-use, re-new and refresh. The in-house spa features massages, facials, the whole pedi-mani routine. There is a perfect size pool and the rooms are fantastic. There is even a night light system in the bathrooms for any late night visits. Big oversize chairs to lounge in and comfy beds with beautiful linens. The staff is friendly and responsive. A great place to unwind and have an enjoyable glass of wine in the lobby while watching the sunset over the water.”


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