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Becker County Snowmobile Trails - Lodge on Lake Detroit Winter Activities Guide

Becker County & Detroit Lakes Area Snowmobile Trails

Detroit Lakes Minnesota Winter Fun

Becker County & Detroit Lakes Area Snowmobile Trails

Detroit Lakes Minnesota Winter Fun

Snowmobiling and cross-country skiing are popular activities during the winter months in Becker County and the surrounding Detroit Lakes, Minnesota area. If you have a need for winter speed and own or have access to a snowmobile, be sure to take time to experience the Winter Wonderland Snowmobile Trails in Becker County of Minnesota! These snowmobile trails are open December 1-March 31, depending on snow conditions. Ride 250 miles of trails through prairie and secluded snow-laden forests where wildlife may be seen. Free trail maps may be picked up at destinations along the trail as well as the Detroit Lakes Regional Chamber of Commerce office at 700 Summit Avenue. Or, click one of these links and download a Detroit Lakes or Becker County Snowmobile trail map.

Multiple public agencies, area resorts, and even private individuals maintain a number of ski trails throughout the County. The Detroit Lakes Nordic Ski Club grooms trails during the winter season at Mountain View Rec Area, East Frazee, Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge, Pine Lake, Pickerel Lake and Detroit Mountain Rec Area. See their website for maps and grooming updates.

Snowmobiling and Cross-Country Ski trails within Becker County, Minnesota are maintained to varying degrees; from minimum maintenance level to a regularly groomed basis. Some trails may require a Minnesota State Ski Pass. Check with the trail sponsor regarding any rules and requirements.

Becker County & Detroit Lakes Area Trail Details

Forest Riders Snowmobile Club Trail Map: Length 276 miles

The Forest Riders Snowmobile Club trail map encompasses 276 miles of groomed trails in and around the Two Inlets State Forest, Itasca State Park, White Earth State Forest, and the Park Rapids, Osage, Emmaville, the Lake George areas, and other Detroit Lakes snowmobile trail information in this guide. The map also includes portions of adjoining trail systems for the Naytahwaush Nightriders, Northwoods Trail Reapers Snowmobile Club, North Country Snowmobile Club, Nevis Trailblazers, Wadena County Trail Breakers, and Wolf Lake Wolf Pack Trails. Over the years, trails have been added and now the trail system connects to Park Rapids, Smokey Hills, White Earth State Forest, Paul Bunyan State Forest, Lake George and all through Itasca State Park. Currently, the club grooms 276 miles of trails. The trails would not be possible if not for private property owners. Please respect all signs and stay on designated trails. In addition to grooming and maintaining the Forest Riders’ trail system, we offer youth snowmobile safety classes to educate and provide certification for new riders, hold monthly club meetings, have club rides and outings, and contribute to the community. Forest Riders Snowmobile Club Trail Map

Richwood Road Snowmobile Trails: Length: 35 miles

The Richwood Road Trails provides a connection between the communities of Detroit Lakes and Richwood to the north. They also provide a westerly route to connect with the Midnite Riders and Vergas trails to the south and west and a means to access the Tamarac Trails farther north of Detroit Lakes. These trails are predominantly within County Hwy 21 and US Hwy 10 Rights-of-Way. The trails are relatively open and visibility is good. Length: 35 miles.

Trail Reference 100 on Becker County Snowmobile Trail Map

Contact Information: Wayne Schlauderaff; Phone: 218-849-3069

White Earth Snowmobile Trails: Length: 56 miles

The White Earth Trails provide numerous trail connections to White Earth Lake, the communities of White Earth and to Ogema. These trails also connect with Waubun Hardwood Trailblazers Club trails north into Mahnomen County. The trails are set in a heavily wooded setting with gently rolling to moderately rolling hills. Length: 56 miles. Learn more about White Earth State Park year round activities, history, etc.

Trail Reference 200 on Becker County Snowmobile Trail Map

Contact Information: Brian Parsons; Phone: 218-234-3330

Tamarac Snowmobile Trails: Length: 59 miles

The Tamarac Trails run from Detroit Lakes north along the western border of the Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge and provide connections to trails in Mahnomen and Clearwater Counties. The trails are relatively wide as they follow many state and county forest roads. The winding trails are almost entirely in a wooded setting. This is a great trail for wildlife and nature viewing. Length: 59 miles.

Trail Reference 300 on Becker County Snowmobile Trail Map

Contact Information: Wayne Schlauderaff; Phone: 218-849-3069

Chippewa Snowmobile Trails: Length 29 miles

The Chippewa Trails follow the eastern border of the Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge as they traverse from Height-of-Land Lake northerly to Little Bemidji Lake. While these trails follow a number of county forest trails, they are somewhat narrower and more winding and are more steeply rolling than the Tamarac Trails. These trails are designed more for a family outing or small group that is looking to take their time to enjoy the natural setting of the north woods. A new section of trail added in 2009 connects to the Wolf Pack Trails at the south end of Toad Lake. Length: 29 miles.

Trail Reference 400 on Becker County Snowmobile Trail Map

Contact Information: Brian Parsons; Phone: 218-234-3330

Frazee/Vergas Snowmobile Trails: Length: 35 miles

The Frazee/Vergas Trails connect Detroit Lakes to Frazee and Vergas to the south. These trails wind their way through woods and fields as they make their way south into Ottertail County. A new trail paralleling US Hwy 10 now connects Frazee to the Ottertail Riders Trails near State Hwy. 228. Length: 35 miles.

Trail Reference 500 on Becker County Snowmobile Trail Map

Contact Information: Wayne Schlauderaff; Phone: 218-849-3069

Midnite Riders Snowmobile Trails: Length: 57 miles

The Midnite Riders Trails provide an excellent loop trail system connecting the communities of Cormorant Village, Lake Park, and Audubon. These trails run through the lakes and fields of southwestern Becker County and provide connections to Lake Runners Trail Association and Clay County Trails. Many of the trails traverse area road ditches and ag fields, interspersed with sections through area woodlots. Great views abound as you travel through the rolling meadows. Length: 57 miles.

Refer to west side of Becker County Snowmobile Trail Map

Contact Information: Tom Holmes; Phone: 218-532-7734

Wolf Pack Snowmobile Trails: Length: 53 miles

The Wolf Pack Trails connect the Wolf Lake community and the rest of southeast Becker County to the Chippewa Trails, providing a tie to the rest of the Winter Wonderland Trail system. These trails wind their way through woods and fields as they make their way south into Ottertail County, east into Hubbard County and north into the Forest Riders Trail system. Length: 53 miles.

Refer to east side of Becker County Snowmobile Trail Map around Wolf Lake.

Contact Information: Randy Torma; Phone: 218-847-1221

Two Inlets State Forest Snowmobile Trails: Length 27 miles

Two Inlets State Forest offers over 26,000 acres set in a landscape that’s gently rolling to hilly, with scattered lowlands. Two Inlets Trail provides over 27 miles of snowmobile trail that connects to other area trails. Two Inlets Lake provides good fishing and the state forest is known for excellent hunting of deer, ruffed grouse and small game. Two Inlets State Forest is located about 10 miles north of Park Rapids in Becker County. Access is from the village of Two Inlets, one mile west on Becker County Highway 46 to Becker County Highway 135 and then south through the forest.

Forest Landscape: Due to the molding of the last glaciers, the landscape is gently rolling to hilly with scattered lowlands. The soils vary from loamy sand to better sand and are ideal for forestry. Much of the forest was once farmed, but most of the land was eventually abandoned because the soils were not productive.

Learn more about Two Inlets State Forest year round activities, history, etc.

Location: Address: 2 miles NE of Two Inlets Township, MN 56575 | Lat 47.0213452 / Long -95.2336918 | Tel: (218) 699-7201 or (866) 857-2757 (Toll Free) | Email: | Smoky Hills State Forest Website | Distance from The Lodge on Lake Detroit • 25 miles | Create Google Driving Map

Itasca State Park Snowmobile Trails: Length 31 miles

Winter Facilities & Activities Feature: 33.7 km (21 mi) of trails, visitor center/warming house, skate skiing, restroom facilities, parking permit required.
There is 15 miles of trail groomed for skate ski. Snowshoe rental is available for $6/day. A warming area is located in the Jacob V. Brower Visitor Center. Winter camping and Itasca Suites are available to rent. View website for more information.

Snow Depth and Groomed Trail Conditions

Classic/Skate Ski trails include: Bike Trail from the Headwaters south to Douglas Lodge. South Entrance Road from the junction with the East Entrance south to Red Pine Trail access. Ozawindib from Douglas Lodge south to Red Pine Crossover. Wilderness Drive East from Mary Lake to Aiton Heights fire tower access road. Wilderness Drive West from Aiton Heights fire tower access road to DeSoto Trail.

Classic Trails include: Deer Park North from Douglas Lodge south to Myrtle Lake Crossover. Deer Park South from Myrtle Lake Crossover to McKay Lake Crossover. DeSoto from Wilderness Drive to McKay Lake Crossover Aiton Heights Trail from Ozawindib Trail to fire tower road. Myrtle Lake Crossover from Ozawindib Trail to Deer Park Trail. McKay Lake Crossover from DeSoto Trail to Deer Park Trail. Red Pine Trail from South Entrance Road to Ozawindib Trail. Backcountry skiingThose skiers who prefer the more remote trails will need to break their own trail at this time.

Snowshoe and Walking Trails: Snowshoe Trails include: Dr. Roberts Trail, Brower Trail, Schoolcraft Trail, self-guide trail by the visitor center, Twinkle Light Trail in Bear Paw Campground. Walking Trails include: Twinkle Light Trail in Bear Paw Campground and the main footpath to the Mississippi Headwaters. Be aware of slippery spots. Hikers and snowshoers are reminded to not walk on the groomed ski trails. You can snowshoe anywhere in Minnesota’s state parks and recreation areas, except on trails that are specifically groomed for another activity, such as skiing or snowmobiling.

Snowmobile Trails: 31 miles of snowmobile trails in the Itasca State Park that circle the park perimeter and connect with other trails that lead to Park Rapids, Walker, Bemidji, Bagley, Mahnomen and Detroit Lakes.

Twinkle Light Trail: Trail located in Bear Paw Campground. There is 3/4 mile of trails illuminated nightly from November 24 through the snow season. Lights are on from dusk to 10 p.m.

Other things to do in the park: Walk down to the Headwaters of the Mississippi River as the water flows year-round. Fresh snow is always a nice time for winter photography. Winter bird are here! Watch for Evening and Pine grosbeaks and Redpolls. Animal tracks are seen in the fresh snow, watch for red fox, deer, and weasels. Park lakes are frozen, but park users should use caution around any bodies of water, especially near the Mississippi Headwaters.

The trail(s): The trail offers a beautiful look of the mixed forests in northern Minnesota. Travel through wooded areas, around lakes and through one of the most popular parks in the state. Through out the trail, you may see a variety of wildlife, including deer, squirrels, fisher, wolves, fox and otter.

Facilities: The Jacob V. Brower Visitor Center is currently open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. The lobby is open as a warming shelter after regular business hours. Winter Camping is available in Pine Ridge Campground and the backpack sites. Campers can register at the Jacob V. Brower Visitor Center. For lodging: The Itasca Suites are available to rent year round; featuring seating area, kitchenette, bedroom, and bath. The Headwaters Inn is open for winter rental and features 6 individual rooms and a common area.

Contact: Itasca State Park
Phone: (218) 699-7256; Email: (link sends email)
Winter contact hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., daily.
Itasca State Park

Learn more about Itasca State Park year round activities, history, etc.

Getting there: 36750 Main Park Drive, Park Rapids, MN 56470
The trailhead is located in the park, which is 21 miles north of Park Rapids off of Highway 71 (East Entrance) or using the North Entrance along Highway 200. Follow park road to the Jacob V. Brower Visitor Center or the Mary Gibbs Mississippi Headwaters Center parking lot. Parking is available at the Jacob V. Brower Visitor Center.

Maplewood State Park Snowmobile Trails: Length 21 miles

Maplewood State Park features eight major lakes and many ponds offering swimming, fishing, boating, and general enjoyment. Drive along the scenic route to observe the wildlife; the park is host to 150 bird species and 50 species of mammals. The park’s maple forest turns brilliant shades of orange, gold, and red in the fall. An extensive trail system attracts hikers, horseback riders, and cross-country skiers and snowmobiers to enjoy the varied seasonal trail uses.

Amid the farmlands that surround the park, Maplewood sits on a series of high tree-covered hills that provide visitors with striking vistas of small, clear lakes nestled in deep valleys. The park is located in a transition area between the western prairies and the eastern forests and contains plants and animals found in both landscapes. The park is known for its hardwood trees including sugar maple, basswood, and oak. These same trees provide a stunning display of fall colors each year. In addition, red cedar and tamarack are found in the park.

Maplewood lies on a series of hills in the Leaf Hills Landscape Region near the eastern edge of the level Red River Valley. These hills, part of the Alexandria Glacial Moraine, were deposited during the last ice age. Relief is abrupt, with changes of about 300 feet in less than a mile. The highest hills in the park approach 1,600 feet. The Lake Lida basin was probably formed when the last glacier retreated 20,000 years ago and left ice stranded in the valley. The ice melted, exposing the basin and allowed the present lake to form.

Maplewood State Park Winter Trails

  • Cross Country Skiing – 5 miles groomed classical; 5 miles ungroomed back-country
  • Snowmobile – 21 miles groomed
  • Snowshoe – 1/2 mile groomed
  • Snowshoeing is allowed anywhere in the park except on groomed ski or snowmobile trails.

Learn more about Maplewood State Park year round activities, history, etc.

Maplewood State Park Hours
Monday-Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Friday-Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Use the self-registration kiosk at the park office.

Location: Address: 39721 Park Entrance Road, Pelican Rapids, MN, 56572 | Tel: (218) 863-8383 | Email: | Maplewood State Park Website | Distance from The Lodge on Lake Detroit • 28 miles

Detroit Lakes Winter Activities Guide

Detroit Lakes winter fun begins at The Lodge. At 1500 feet, nearby Detroit Mountain Recreation Area offers an explorable terrain with 45 skiable acres, 21 runs, 2 terrain parks, 2 chairlifts, 2 high-speed rope tows, and 2 magic carpet lifts. Snowmobile more than 200 miles of groomed trails in the Detroit Lakes area. Over 50 miles of cross country ski trails are available on public and private property. Don’t let cold weather keep you from fishing! Fish houses and equipment are available for rent for winter ice fishing. Enjoy Detroit Lakes winter activities and outdoor fun year-round.

View Detroit Lakes Winter Guide

Best Winter & Polar Fest Hotels in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

The Lodge on Lake Detroit & The Spa Within

The only way to improve the Detroit Lakes Polar Fest, one of Minnesota’s most fun winter festivals, is to stay in one of the best Polar Fest Hotels in Detroit Lake. Whether your stay is the entire 11-day event, any of the three weekends or if you are just here for a particular event, you will find our Detroit Lakes Minnesota lake resort is the perfect setting to relax and recover from all the day’s activities. What better way to unwind after a busy winter Minnesota day than in The Lodge’s beautiful Fireside Lobby and LoLa D’s Lobby Bar & Bistro. Nestled in a lovely tree-filled setting on a private 550 foot wide sandy beach, you’ll find the latest hotel style and amenities. The Lodge is independently owned and operated by Holland Hospitality, Inc., now in its third generation of providing excellence in hospitality.

With our modern amenities and thoughtful design, we stand out among other lodging choices in Detroit Lakes, MN. For couples or family getaways, we offer a variety of rooms and suites with king, queen or two queen beds. Our free hot breakfast (currently using Grab & Go Bags while Covid precautions are in place), free local calls, indoor heated pool and fitness center make the hotel a great place to recharge between enjoying Detroit Lakes attractions and activities. View hotel detail.

All rooms feature lakefront views, free Wi-Fi and wired internet, flat-screen TVs with extended channels. Rooms are equipped with mini-frige, microwaves, and coffee makers and are pet and smoke free. View accommodation detail.

Detroit Lakes Day Spa: The Spa Within at The Lodge offers an extensive menu of select spa treatment services, many of which are signature treatments exclusive to this spa. These revitalizing treatments include the use of warm and cold basalt stones for face and body, and a variety of facials and massage therapies that are sure to induce a state of deep relaxation.

Detroit Lakes Local Guide
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Historic Holmes Theatre Experience Package at The Lodge on Lake Detroit
All Rooms Lakefront at The Lodge on Lake Detroit
Detroit Lakes Senior Discount Rates - The Lodge on Lake Detroit

Your Guide to Year-Round Detroit Lakes Recreation & Fun!

With over 400 lakes within a 25-mile radius, Detroit Lakes lives up to its reputation as a great place for year-round outdoor activities. Whether your activity choice is in, on or below the water (or even on land) Detroit Lakes offers a great variety of things to do for your entire family.


There’s a lot going on at The Lodge year round. Be sure to subscribe to our eNews and keep an eye on our Facebook page to keep up with live musical events (Live at The Lodge), Summer Thursdays, Wine Tastings, Murder Mystery Events, Girlfriend Getaways, and so more.

“Perfect spot for Business Meetings with time to Relax, Rejuvenate and Reconnect with your clients. Want a Perfect spot for your next Business Meeting, a Group Meeting and or small conferences with time to Relax, Rejuvenate and Reconnect with your clients. Great hospitality welcomes you to The LODGE on Lake Detroit with friendly customer service, outstanding lodging environment from the comfort of your room to the sounds of the Minnesota Loons on Lake Detroit. A great selection of restaurants and golf courses are just minutes away. Close to the downtown area, great location for fishing, and all seasonal things to do and events for all to enjoy year-around in the Detroit Lakes area.”


“We enjoyed our stay at The Lodge in Detroit Lakes, Mn. The staff was very helpful and very friendly. We stayed in the Resort Room adjoining to the Retreat Room. It was very nice for our family so we could have access to each others room and to have use of a Kitchen. We were celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary and our son was participating in the Pine to Palm Tournament. Nice location to golf course & downtown. The rooms were clean and the amenities of having a dock for our boat and use of paddle boat & Kayakes was especially nice. We enjoyed the complementary breakfast; especially the waffles and pancakes.  The Ice water cooler was very refreshing. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at The Lodge & will be back on any future trips to the Detroit Lakes area.”


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